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The Sanctuaries

I'm working on a long term project. A system of "sanctuaries". Places people can go, for little to no money, where they can unplug from their regular life to rest and think about what they really want in life. All basic necessities will be provided. Various classes will be available on a wide range of topics, also for little to no money. Depending on length of stay desired and what features they'd like to have, a work exchange and/or medium-low price will be required. Think of it as a "build your own retreat". 

Big food forests. Solar panels. Gray water system. Flower gardens. Nature trails. Music room. Buildings constructed using materials sourced from the land they're on (likely mostly wood and stone, perhaps clay). As easy to maintain as possible and lowest cost possible. 

Currently increasing my basic/emergency savings, then I'll be paying off debts, then saving to buy the land. Hopefully, between now and getting the land, I'll have a large enough income from guidance work, the articles I write, videos I make, and books I write to not need to do other work. Today is 2023/6/23, and my main source of income is from working as a rideshare driver with Lyft. 

I'll post updates and further descriptions of the sanctuary here, over time.

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