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Vocation! Aka purpose in life. One or more activities that fulfill us and provide us enough money or resources to comfortably live on. Given how much of our time we spend working, it's immensely helpful to figure out what work fulfills us. Doing so can change our whole idea of what "work" looks and feels like. 

To help figure out what your vocation is, or to attempt to improve it if you already have a good idea what it is, here's a list of exercises I recommend. 


If you had unlimited money, what would you do? 

Ok. And what would you do after that? 

And after that? 

After that? 

After that? 

Answering these questions can help us get through and beyond our initial desires. For example, I've heard lots of people say they would pay off their debt, pay off their families debt, travel the world, buy cool stuff, donate money, etcetera. Ok, that's fine. So what about after you've done all that stuff? What happens when you wake up in the morning and you've already done all that? *Now* is when you really start scratching your head. Answers you get at this level can help point you toward the activities you really enjoy doing the most. The ones that are most fulfilling, that you could do over and over again. 


Make a list of topics that interest you, one topic per line. Then, next to each one, write how long you could learn about it before getting bored of it.


Pottery, 3 months

Scuba Diving, 1 year

Video Game Design, 6 months

Medicine, 5 years

Music Composition, 10 years

Movie Production, 1 year

Cooking, 3 months 

Wilderness Survival, 1 month

Theater, 6 months


Then circle the 5 topics that have the longest times. Your vocation might involve one or more of these topics, or elements of them. You will almost certainly forget some of the things you're interested in the first time you make this list - surprisingly we often forget what things we're interested in when put on the spot! So do this a few times. You can even try doing it when you are in different moods, and in different places. Sometimes emotional and environmental changes help us remember other things we like. 


Think about any jobs you've already had, big or small, long term or short. 

What did you like about each job you've had? 

What did you dislike about each one? 

Figure out the common themes in what you like and dislike and use that information to help you come up with work that incorporates the things you like and avoids the things you don't. 


If you could only change one thing about the world, and were not able to change anything else, what would you change? Another way to word this could be - what bothers you the most about the world? .... Ok. Is there anything that bothers you even more than that? What do you think is the worst thing happening in the world, and what do you think is causing it? Tie your answer to these questions into your vocation. Have your vocation contribute to solving this problem. Could be war, poverty, education, inequality, anything. Whatever you think is the worst. This might not tell you exactly what your vocation is, but it can be one element of it. This is often the "fulfilling" part of the vocation. It gives us the feeling that we are part of a solution to some problem. 


Think of times when you felt fascinated, curious, happy, at ease, strong, fulfilled, excited, etc.... What were you doing? 


If you're open to trying outside-the-box stuff, you can look into something called "human design". I'm still pretty new to it, but it's helped me understand my vocation better, so maybe it'll do the same for you. A google search should lead you to a free human design chart, then just use YouTube to look up what each part of your results mean. In your results I recommend focusing the most on these categories: Type, Strategy, Authority, Profile, Incarnation Cross, Signature, and Environment. 



All in all, get clear about the activities that bring you the most fulfillment then plan your life around those activities. Make them your main focus. Do these fulfilling activities for the world, in service to others, to help everyone, and you will be rewarded. 

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