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Ideas for getting rid of depression

Say 10 things you're grateful for every morning, midday, and night.

Eat healthier.

Sleep at the same time each day.

Get more physical exercise. Doesn't have to be intense, walking counts. (Though intense exercise can help even more, so give it a shot.)

Go outside more. Especially in nature, if possible.

Socialize with healthy people more.

Bathe daily.

Meditate daily. (How to meditate)

Clean your living space.

Practice better posture.

Breathe fully.

Smile and laugh now and then, even when you don't feel like it.

Drink more water.

Try something new. Anything as long as it's healthy. Pottery, painting, sports, musical instrument, etcetera.

Do some affirmations and visualizations of yourself living a better life.

Create a morning and/or night routine. How we go to sleep and wake up can impact us strongly. So take control of these hours by deciding what you'll do in advance. All of us have routines already, even if we haven't thought about them before. Make them intentional.

Read books, articles, and watch videos about how to improve the quality of your life.

These ideas might feel overwhelming, if they do, just do smaller versions of them. Don't want to "exercise" for 30+ minutes? Then just do it for 5 minutes. Cleaning you living space would take a long time? Then just work on it for a few minutes and leave the rest for another day. Small amounts are often better. Even 3 minutes of doing something helpful is better than not doing it at all. You'll build momentum over time.

Avoid drugs (medication) if possible, but if you use them, view them as a temporary aid. A way to help you get the ball rolling. While you're being helped by the drugs, develop new healthier habits (like the ones listed above) and then start to wean yourself off of the drugs.

l think it's... legally smart for me to say that I have no licenses, certificates, or degrees, and am not a professional, according to the standards of the society we live in. If you want to seek a professionals help, then go do that. I also encourage you to think for yourself and take your health into your own hands. Some people find traditional approaches to therapy helpful, and others do not.

Remember to start with just a few minutes of doing something if you're feeling overwhelmed!

Come onnnnnn - COME ONNNNNNNN!


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