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One at a Time

Make a list of your all time favorite meals. 

Choose one. 

Research how to make it the healthiest way possible (use little to no refined sugars, little to no heavily processed ingredients, and use extra virgin olive oil if you need oil). Maybe include some extra ingredients, or a small side dish, to diversify the nutrients you're getting. 

Keep making it until it comes out the way you want. 

Now you have a new meal you can make for yourself that you know is healthy. 

Now repeat this process with another of your favorite meals. 

Some of us fall into the trap of thinking "I can't eat healthy because I don't even know what I would eat if I were going to eat healthy. Like..... salad? ugh. SALAD? Who wants a salad, that's gross." 

Or we fall into the trap of thinking we need to stop eating 90% of the meals we currently eat RIGHT NOW and immediately begin only eating ALL healthy meals. Super unrealistic. Literally just learn one, single, meal. Then wait two or three weeks and learn another. Don't overload yourself by trying to learn one new meal every day. Some people will be able to learn one per week, but even that can be too much for a lot of people. 

One at a time. 

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