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Very simple.

Imagine yourself having or experiencing whatever it is you want.

Experiment with imagining it in both first and third person point of view.

If you want a house, imagine yourself walking around inside it.

Try to make the mental image big, bright, and filled with color. Vivid.

While seeing all this, let yourself feel the emotions you'd feel. Continuing with the house example, feel the excitement, relief, comfort, and whatever other feelings you'd have when walking around your new house. When we watch movies we tend to feel what the characters are feeling. Do the same thing with the movie in your mind.

Do this every day right after you wake up, half way through your day, and right before you go to sleep. Do it for at least 3 minutes each time.

People sometimes get esoteric with visualization, but to look at it through a more common sense lens:

If we imagine having what we want 3 times a day, we are more likely to be motivated to do the work to create it, more likely to see opportunities relating to it that we wouldn't have before, and more likely to talk about it with others which can also lead us to have more breakthrough ideas regarding it. Visualizing by itself might not be the thing that gets us what we want - but it is what keeps us focused in the right direction.

I do consider it immensely helpful and recommend including it in your daily routine.

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