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Word Repetition

Mentally, and out loud, repeat words and phrases that remind you of what you're working toward, why, and what you're grateful for. You can also choose some of the best lessons/ideas you've had and repeat them as well. Any words that empower you, excite you, summon confidence/faith/trust in you, help you relax, etc.

Many people believe saying "I am" before each thing you repeat helps. I lean towards believing this is true, and encourage you to experiment with it. Try saying whatever you need in the moment, too. If you feel tired and need more energy, try saying something like, "I am filled with energy. I am super energized. Energy is coursing through me like lightning.". Try being somewhat playful or theatrical with how you say it.

Keep good words in your head as much as possible. Even single words such as happiness, peace, focus, determination, patience, creativity, fun, joy, laughter, empowered, grounded, kind, humble, and so on.

When detrimental words continue to repeat in your mind, it might take a while to shift into the helpful words. Just keep at it. Breathe, relax... "Patience" is one of the words you can repeat.

As I've written in other articles (like this one), sometimes we need to have a longer conversation with certain ideas before we can move on from them. But repeating helpful words acts as preventative medicine. Eat the right words - have the right mental diet - and you won't often need to have lengthy conversations with yourself.

Final thought - the words can also be questions. "What is my main goal in life right now?" "What are better thoughts I could be thinking?" "What am I grateful for?"

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